Harutyun (Harry) Tsatryan

Advisory Board Member

Harry Tsatryan is media and communication researcher and fact-checking specialist working in the field of media and communication more than 15 years. Previously, he received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism and political science. At present, Harry Tsatryan has a Ph.D in Media Studies. Harry Tsatryan is an external assessor for two big companies in the US and Europe: at the International fact-checking network (IFCN) of the Poynter Institute and the European fact-checking standards network (EFCSN).

Since October 2021, he has been delivering lectures on “News verification and Fact checking” at Wayne State University. Due to the family reasons and the exodus of the Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh (September 2023), he is back to Armenia and works with the local media makers, being a co-founder of INEDNET, a non-profit based in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Currently Harry Tsatryan is an Advisory board member of the European Youth Press. Before he served for three years as an Executive Board member. He joined EYP family back in January of 2018 as an intern. He facilitate youth exchanges, delivers sessions during the seminars, workshops, and training courses. His main focus are on media and information literacy, debunking disinformation in Europe and beyond the European borders, digital storytelling and modern platforms, the use of AI tools in media making, conflict reporting and solution journalism.