Call for participants of seminar “Reporting Corruption and Tax Avoidance: Investigative Tools” in Amsterdam + training in Vilnius

The European Youth Press – Network of Young Media Makers e.V. is looking for at least 30 participants of a local event organised within the project „Detecting, Deterring and Reporting Corruption Work Plan“ that is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

The local event will take place on June 9th, 2017 at Mediamatic, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, starting from 8 pm. Mediamatic is also local partner of the event.

The event aims at exploring pertinent questions about the issue of corruption and understanding its effects. It targets young media makers in the objective of empowering them to tackle corruption, report on it professionally and share experiences and best practices.

The event will also provide a forum for several key actors to share their insights on the fight against corruption.

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Who are we looking for?

Are you interested in reporting on and tackling corruption and can take active part in the local event? Do you have the curiosity and motivation to ask questions to the panel and discuss the topic? If the answer is yes, check out our eligibility criteria and apply!

The event in Amsterdam is open to everyone who is interested in the topic. One selected participant will have a chance to take part in training course in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 3 to 7 July, 2017 (see details below).


Eligibility criteria:

    • Be journalist, or media maker or university student – especially of journalism, media and communication, law, international relations, political science and sociology;
    • Be below the age of 30;
    • Submit your CV and a video (max. two-minutes) highlighting an instance where corruption has personally affected you, someone close to you or other citizens of country of your residence. You have creative liberty – the video can be shot by a smartphone, you can record yourself talking in front of the camera/smartphone, going out and filming on the streets or use infographics. If you cannot shoot a video or create it on your PC, you can submit a video pitch describing what you would create video about during the event (shoot panel discussion, interview speakers or other participants, etc.).


What will be expected from you during and after the event?

  1. To write one article or blog about the event (if possible, you shall publish it in media you work/freelance for (can be student’s newspaper or blog as well).
  2. To fill in a short survey regarding draft online platform and toolkit on reporting and  tackling corruption, as well as your experience in the local event.
  3. If you are selected to attend training in Vilnius, you will be asked to choose the best videos created by other participants of local event and/or ask them to send you instances of corruption in their cities/countries, and present them during training in Vilnius.

What we offer?

  1. One of participants of the event will be selected – on basis of CV, video produced and activity during local event – to attend the training course in Vilnius at the beginning of July 2017 (date to be confirmed). It will be focused on video production and advocacy against corruption. Travel costs will be reimbursed and accommodation including meals directly covered by organisers. It is expected that selected participants will continue with editing and improving their videos submitted within application for the local event, based on what they have learnt through the roundtable discussion. Assistance will be provided by the organisers, when needed.
  2. Certificate attesting the attendance of the local event.
  3. Opportunity to become members of Pan-European network of young media makers, journalists and activists focused on corruption.

Only one of those submitting both CV and short video will qualify for an opportunity to attend the training in Vilnius. You can attend the event in Amsterdam even if you don’t submit the video, but then you will not candidate yourself for the training in Vilnius.

Please send your CV and video to Anna Ferrari, before June 5th, 2017. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.