Benefits and commitments

The European Youth Press (EYP) is a network and as in any network, its power comes from its like-minded Member Organizations (MOs).


As a diverse network, EYP is committed to capacity building within profession, as well as to wider advocacy processes on different decision-making levels. In 2015 these commitments were confirmed in the ‘Declaration on European Youth Press and Member Organization’ from 29.11.2015.




According to the document, EYP provides variety of different benefits to their membership by building capacities of media makers, related activists and young professionals. Among them are:


– high quality journalistic non-formal education opportunities, tailored to respond to specific needs, in a form of short and long-term trainings, workshops, lectures and exchanges;


– organizational capacity building – as a prerequisite for CSOs to be able to provide opportunities for youth, boost concrete skills and gain new experiences;


– mobility and international opportunities as exchange between peoples, their experiences and practices is of crucial importance in a globalised world we live in, as well as on a personal and professional level; EYP commits to support membership in hosting this type of projects/events;


– supporting and/or organizing national focused projects, which may be developed within bigger international programme and/or single activity events, with national focus given in regard to specific needs of membership organization(s) and with encouraging leadership by membership;


– providing online and offline open resources, striving to make education available to all.


Acting as a networking platform European Youth Press gives MOs opportunities to:


– bring together colleagues from different countries and connect them in the context of their interests, expertise and aspirations;


– maintain existing working groups and committees and creating new as needed;


– maintain and establish partnerships with relevant civil society platforms, media, international and intergovernmental organizations;


– amplify voices of membership and young journalists/activists toward decision makers on various levels – for permanent values, as well as for changes of specific circumstances in our societies, from the position of a youth-led European-wide network.





In turn, MOs commit to engage actively in the strategic objectives of the EYP, programmes, project and activities by:


– joining ad hoc and permanent working bodies;


– maintaining regular communication in between themselves as well as toward different EYP statutory bodies;


– striving to development meaningful internal partnerships oriented toward mutual values and goals;


– delegating candidates to EYP statutory bodies elections;


– supporting EYP’s projects and activities in line with resources available;


– responsibly fulfilling financial commitments toward EYP;


– closely monitoring and evaluating and proactively initiating improvements in EYP management;


– taking responsibility in depth selection of candidates for EYP statutory bodies and holding them accountable in range of their mandates;


– contributing to visibility of efforts of EYP and fellow MOs.