European Youth Media Days 2014 (special edition): Voice of Youth, reporting on the European Youth Event – call for participants

The European Youth Event (EYE), which will take place in Strasbourg in May, will gather around 5,000 youngsters from all over Europe. These active young people will be discussing the economic, social and political situation of the European Union through different themes: Digital Revolution and Data Protection, Youth Unemployment, Sustainable Development, Future of Europe, and Europe as a Global Player.

The European elections in May 2014 will be the next historical mark for the European Union. If these elections were to reflect that the EU does not succeed in engaging closer with its citizens and making visible how they can contribute to the European project, its democratic foundation could become increasingly weak. What does the young generation think of the European Union’s performance?

We invite all of those interested in covering such topics to apply to become one of the 120 young journalists, aged between 18 and 30 years, that will have the chance to report from the European Parliament at the European Youth Event, which will take place from 8 to 11 May 2014, in Strasbourg, France.

The participants of the EYMD 2014 special edition: Voice of Youth will report from the event, preparing a special report and multimedia documentation that will later on be handed to newly elected Members of the European Parliament.

The European Youth Media Days (EYMD) is one of the biggest events in Europe dedicated to young journalists.

Participants will experience three and a half days of media workshops, hands-on media production and invaluable insights into the European Parliament and European media. They will interact with high-level European politicians, professional journalists and experts, and engage in intercultural exchange through practical media production. What’s more, they will have the chance to meet active young citizens from all over Europe. The outcome, a report and multimedia material on the EYE, will be the lasting output of the EYMD that will be given to the Members of the European Parliament as documentation of the voices of youths across Europe.

Over the course of the workshop, each young journalist will work with their peers to produce a report on the topic of the seminar through their medium of choice – video, photo, radio, print or multimedia.


Participants’ travel costs (specific conditions apply, more detailed information will be given after you have been selected) will be reimbursed by the European Parliament 3 to 6 weeks after the event, upon submission of all necessary documents (instructions and forms will be sent by the European Parliament prior to the event).

In addition, the European Parliament will either pay a 540 Euros lump sum to working journalists or a 270 Euros lump sum to journalism students or interns. This lump sum covers accommodation, meals and local transport. The lump sums will be paid together with the travel reimbursement. Attention: for participants living in Strasbourg no lump sum or travel cost will be paid.

The selected young journalists will have to make their own accommodation and travel arrangements and provide the necessary documents to the European Parliament for reimbursement.

Conditions for application and deadline

The call is open to young journalists who are:

  • Aged between 18 and 30
  • Citizens/legal residents of one of the 28 EU Member States, residing within an EU Member State
  • Working as a journalist (proved by a valid press card or, failing that, a letter of instruction from the media they work for)ORStudents in journalism (proved by letter from the university/school)ORDoing an internship as journalist (proved by a letter from the internship coordinator)

The event will be held in English, therefore a working level of the language is required to make the best out of your participation. Young journalists from any other countries can participate at their own costs and need to contact the organisers prior to 1 March. Application deadline is 1 March 2014, 23:59 CET.

Please use this form to submit your application, including CV, motivation letter and the links to two media samples (of any type) by 1 March, 23:59 CET to our team. Samples NOT IN ENGLISH MUST HAVE an extensive summary of the sample.

If you have any questions, please send an email with the subject “EYMD 2014 questions” to

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