European Youth Award Festival: “Watch out: Europe on fire”

Title picture ©Matthias Rauch


EYA 2019 winning project LiGENCE saves hearts with artificial intelligence


More than 600 international participants from over 60 countries gathered in Graz for the 8th European Youth Award Festival (EYA) from November 27 to 30. The European Youth Press was represented there by its office manager and fundraiser Martin Maška, who delivered a seminar on media literacy and was member of both online and festival jury.


The most promising digital solutions in Europe for improving society and living spaces were presented and the EYA Young Digital Champion (overall winner) was honoured in 2019: winning project LiGENCE from Lithuania halves the duration of cardiac ultrasound examinations with AI and deep learning.


The current challenges for Europe from political participation to the climate crisis to digitisation were the themes of the EYA Festival 2019, which covered the whole city: on Murinsel, Grazer Rathaus, FH JOANNEUM and in the Dom im Berg technological applications were presented that have a direct positive impact on individual life and society. The top-class jury of experts chose the EYA Champion 2019: the LiGENCE project from Lithuania, which revolutionizes cardiac ultrasound examination using AI, deep learning and neural networks.


“Our product supports the examining physician and achieves higher accuracy, it reduces the examination time by half and the costs by a third. The benefits for patients, doctors, and the healthcare system are enormous,” Justinas Balčiūnas explains the advantages of LiGENCE in cardiac ultrasound examinations. Markus Leitner (SKIDATA) speaks for the jury: “We chose LiGENCE as champion because the effectiveness, the social impact of this project is so enormous and a completely new technological application was designed. Furthermore, the LiGENCE team is extremely focused and competent to successfully establish this solution on the market and to extend it to other areas”. An expansion of the activity in the direction of renal ultrasound is already planned. The award EYA Young Digital Champion 2019 was presented to “LiGENCE” co-founder Justinas Balčiūnas by the Dean of FH JOANNEUM Managing Director Karl Peter Pfeiffer and EYA initiator Peter A. Bruck.


Ten winning projects from seven countries were presented at the EYA Festival: an eye-tracking solution to enable people with disabilities to communicate with the outside world from Israel, an NPO tourism plat-form as well as a career advice app that also works with artificial intelligence from Germany; a mobile citizen participation platform from North Macedonia; an interactive map for ideal tree plantations from Serbia; a digital programmable gadget to learn how to code young girls from Sweden; and an autobiographical computer game that shows the path of a Syrian refugee came from Austria.


“The festival serves young European change-makers of digital and social innovation to network and present their solutions to the burning questions and learn from each other,” explains the aim and purpose of the three-day EYA Festival the initiator Peter A. Bruck.


The participants from all over Europe agree that they take up and solve problems from their immediate living environment. At the EYA Festival, they can further improve their digital projects with peer-to-peer feedback and bring their solutions to society and the market.


These winning projects are showcases of how digital technologies are smartly used to benefit people and improve society. The EYA projects also show the many possibilities to be active with technological solutions in the sense of the EU 2020 Strategy and the UN SDGs and to support social participation, climate protection and sustainable development.


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