European Youth Press’ Middle East & North Africa Committee (MENAC) is a blogging platform with contributors posting regularly on the issues related to the region. Since 2015 MENAC is also engaged in organising projects and events for young journalists and media-makers in the European and MENA regions.
MENAC aims to enhance intercultural understanding and to establish a sustainable network between young media makers from Europe and the Middle East & North Africa through media-related projects and events. It sees its mission in making youth voices from the MENA region heard in Europe and promoting better contextualisation of the issues related to both regions in media.
MENAC strives to enhance awareness among young media-makers, policy-makers, decision-makers and civil society on good media practices, how to avoid stereotyping and promote a broader understanding for culture and diversity.
Its primal goals are to provide online and offline platforms promoting intercultural dialogue; to establish sustainable and ‘positive’ partnerships with national European and MENA organisations and networks; to become a reliable partner for institutions and foundations for organisation of projects relating to committee’s mission.