Call for students to join YAJA Publishing Team

Deadline: rolling

YAJA (Young Art Journalism News Feed + Awards)  is an innovative news feed  providing a global audience reach, work experience, media opportunities, industry mentoring, networking opportunities, freelance opportunities as well as awards recognition.


Journalism, media and art students, post graduates and alumni are invited to join the YAJA publishing team to share their articles and their talent with the world.


Students can publish unlimited new articles or share their existing articles instantly.

YAJA is global. Contributions from all around the world are welcome.


What are the benefits for Students:

YAJA is a great way to build a professional profile and offers:

       Work experience

       Profile on YAJA TEAM page

       An established global audience

       Exciting media opportunities

       Industry mentoring and experience

       Opportunities to meet exciting people

       Networking opportunities

       Awards recognition

       Freelance opportunities

       And more


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