Call for proactive team members – European Youth Press

The European Youth Press (EYP), a network of young media makers, is looking for young enthusiastic people who are looking to gain experience in campaigning, design and/or project writing by joining our proactive teams. The mandates and work depend from team to team but are in general quite flexible, and work is mostly based online. The pro-active programme is composed out of 3 teams: Social Media, Fundraising and Advocacy team.


Social Media Team

Do you have an eye for design? Are you good at coming up with witty campaign slogans and like to be diligent about things such as originality? Then this is the job for you! Join our Social Media team to learn what makes people click and gain experience through creating your own social media campaign!


Advocacy Team

Are you someone who is always concerned with standing up for people? Do you stay up at night thinking of unanswered questions on topics of journalism and media? Or are you just into making papers more readable and the design quirkier than the boring Google Scholar versions? Apply for the advocacy team and investigate media-related topics that you yourself can choose! Help us bring all answers to people in power to make a change.


Fundraising Team

Have you always had media related project ideas come into your mind but had no experience or way of going through with them? Join the fundraising team, where we give you the expertise and means to apply for different grants together with other proactive members and have the possibility to see that project come to life.


Apply now by sending your CV to! Be sure to include shortly in the e-mail body why you should be chosen for a Skype call, in which you will be interviewed as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If called back, you can choose which team you would like to be placed in.

No experience needed, only enthusiasm, time (which depends on the workload of each week but goes from 2-10 hours per week) and knowledge of English.

We are accepting application on a rolling basis.