Call for Travel Photography Contest

Deadline: 18 September, 2019


Photography has the power to connect us to places we’ve never been and inspire us to understand cultures beyond our own. It has long been central to the way AFAR tells stories, which is why AFAR wanted to open the opportunity for travelers to share their global perspectives in the first-ever AFAR Photo Awards last year. The team received more than 20,000 submissions from around the globe; our winners took us to remote northern Siberia, the arid California desert, bustling Seoul, and beyond. This year, in partnership with United MileagePlus and illy, AFAR is asking you again to share your best travel photography with an international audience.


Travelers anywhere in the world may submit images for the 2019 AFAR Photo Awards in five categories: food, cities, people, outdoors, and style & design. Participants will have their photographs reviewed by a jury of photographers, photo editors, and directors of design and photography from AFAR.


Participants can submit three images across any category for $10; every subsequent image submission will cost $10 each. Twenty-five percent of submission proceeds will go toward our nonprofit Learning AFAR, which enables young people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to travel to go on life-changing trips. Read more about the 2019 AFAR Photo Awards entry rules here.

To enter the 2019 AFAR Photo Awards, click here. The competition is open August 1, 2019, through September 18, 2019. Winners will be announced November 7, 2019.