Call for members of the Advisory Board

Deadline: October 31, 2021


The European Youth Press (EYP), network of young media makers, is seeking new members to join the Advisory Board for the 2022/2024 mandate period. The elections will take place at the General Assembly of the European Youth Press on on the 7th of November 2021, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece.


The Advisory Board shall assist and supervise the work of the EYP board and advise them to realise their duties in a proper manner.


Ideal candidate profile:

  • has great insight to the structure and functions of the European Youth Press;
  • is a former EYP board member or have to have fully participated in at least one General Assembly of the EYP and/or been on the organisational team on at least one EYP project;
  • has been an active member of one of the Member Organisations of the EYP;
  • has the possibility to dedicate at least 5 to 10 work-hours per month to the EYP;
  • has a very good working knowledge of English;
  • has good communication, team-management and organising skills;
  • has worked in multicultural and multilingual teams.


The Advisory Board exists of maximum 7 members.


Applications must include a CV and a brief cover letter, no longer than 1 A4 page. In addition, the application should include a letter of endorsement from a member organisation. The letter of endorsement is a document with which the member organisation vouches for the candidate.


Applications should be sent to by Sunday, 31 October 2021 (23:59 CET), subject line: ADVISORY CANDIDATE.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Harutyun Tsatryan, Executive Board member, using the same email