Call for investigative reporting for Dutch and Belgian journalists

Deadline: 25 August, 2022, at 12:00PM CEST


The LOCAL (FPD Low Countries) is ready to fund local investigative journalistic projects in Belgium and the Netherlands to stimulate cross-border collaboration. The total amount for this fund is EUR 55,000.


With this project, aims at addressing the shortage of local independent journalism by awarding grants to local investigative journalistic projects in Belgium and the Netherlands. In this way, cities in Belgium and the Netherlands could mutually strengthen each other (e.g. by forming each other’s benchmark) and, as such, increase the impact of the supported publications.


This project also aims at strengthening local cross-border, independent and investigative journalism in order to increase the availability of qualitative local news, and at making citizens more aware of local – and often interrelated and global – issues and possible solutions. As such it aims to contribute to citizens’ critical thinking, well-informed debates/decisions and to foster civic engagement.


Another opportunity from the platform is the Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism which seeks to advance investigative journalism in the Flemish media. Grants vary according to the proposed projects. The total amount for this fund is EUR265,000.


The deadline for both grants is 25 August, 2022. 


Please follow the link here for more information about FPD Low Countries and to submit the applications. The Pascal Decroos Fund applicants can find more information and the application following the link here.