Call for Global Health Security Fund 2023

Deadline: 9 December, 2022, 17:00 CET


The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is launching the 2023 Global Health Security Call to deliver grant funding and facilitate research opportunities to support in-depth journalistic analysis on the topic of global health security. Interested journalists must publish stories in opinion-forming media organizations across France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Sweden.


Freelance journalists are also eligible to apply. The call will provide grants of up to US$ 8,500 per project.


As innovation during COVID-19 demonstrated, when there is public awareness, political will, and investment commensurate to the need, science can rapidly meet the moment and save lives. Despite the unprecedented pace of innovation, COVID-19 also showed how the Global Health R&D ecosystem still falls short, leaving huge parts of the world behind.


In-depth media coverage of issues such as pandemic preparedness, health workforce strengthening, effective health workforce strengthening, effective disease surveillance, and equitable access to vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics is essential to keeping the topic of global health security on the public agenda and encouraging European governments to prioritise their funding commitments.


Applications close on 9 December 2022 at 17:00 CET.


For full eligibility criteria, conditions of the grant, and selection criteria, please read the Call For Applications document. To apply for the grant, please click the following hyperlink here.