Situation of youth media in Poland

In Poland, there are many magazines intended for youth and edited by youth. Many of these papers are created by university students. They write mainly about studying, career and culture. There is a plenty of student magazines on every single public university. Some of the university departments even have their own papers.

One of the most well known commercial magazines for the university students is dlaczego. It focuses on education, career and lifestyle issues. Dlaczego is available nationwide. There are of course some other magazines intended for youth, like Gazeta Studencka, Eurostudent, Semestr (all of them for university students) and Cogito (for high school students).

A lot of young journalists cooperate with these magazines but there are very few of them who work on contract and even less who have significant influence on papers' line.

Young polish journalists publish also some lifestyle magazines. Aktivist and Laif could be good examples.

Young journalists in Poland don't concentrate only on paper press. Some of them even run their own, mostly online, radios. Radioaktywne, run by Warsaw University of Technology students can be a great example. They broadcast youth music as well as talk shows and programmes on current issues.

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