Meet the MO: European Dialogue

European Youth Press works together with over twenty member organisations. Who are these organisations and what do they do? Every month we introduce one of our member organisations to our network of young media makers. This month it’s time for European Dialogue. We had a chat with Programme Project Coordinator Jana Fintova.


Jana at the European Youth Media Days.

EYP: What kind of organisation is European Dialogue?
JF: European Dialogue is a Slovak NGO specialised in EU affairs. We aim to promote and enhance active European citizenship, intercultural communication, active participation, media and journalism in Slovakia. Our pillars are based on providing qualitative information, support of initiatives in the European area, and connecting “EU-active” people and organisations.


Our goal is to inform the citizens of the Slovak Republic about EU affairs and opportunities provided by the EU. We educate people and encourage them to be interested in active participation on the national and EU level. For instance by providing daily free news and weekly analysis on EU affairs and policies in Slovak on our website and social media. Besides we have carried out different kind of projects focused on raising the awareness about the EU and different opportunities such as debates, summer schools, seminars, youth exchanges, trainings, conferences etc.


EYP: Why is it important that your organization exists in Slovakia?
JF: Young people in Slovakia are generally eurosceptic, therefore we aim to contribute to the national discussion and support raising awareness about work of the EU in general. European Dialogue gives opportunity to young media makers in Slovakia to voice their opinion in articles on current European affairs while fostering youth mobility and exchanges throughout the continent. For instance, the Slovak EU Presidency was a hot topic in our country recently. We considered it important to inform young Slovakians about it. Therefore we prepared many different articles about the evaluation, goals and achievements of the Slovak Presidency.


EYP: What achievement of European Dialogue are you most proud of?
JF: We achieved an important position among the organisations in Slovakia with a valuable expertise in the field of the European affairs and youth.


EYP: How do European Dialogue and EYP benefit from their collaboration?
JF: European Dialogue became a member of EYP in 2015 and since then it has been actively participating in the activities of the organisation. European Dialogue has benefited from the valuable network of youth media organisations in Europe as well as mobility and international opportunities providing exchange between people, their experiences and practices.


EYP: What are the future plans for your European Dialogue?
JF: We aim to strengthen our international and regional partnerships through interesting and innovative projects. And we want to include more and more young media makers in Slovakia and beyond.


For news and opportunities with European Dialogue, please keep an eye on our website.