Meet the MO: Bué Fixe

Dynka Amorim at work.


European Youth Press works together with over twenty member organisations. Who are these organisations and what do they do? Every month we introduce one of our member organisations to our network of young media makers. This month it’s time for Bué Fixe. We had a chat with Founder Dynka Amorim.


EYP: What kind of organisation is Bué Fixe?
DA: “Bué Fixe is the main youth organization in Portugal working with young people from Portuguese-speaking African countries. Our main focus is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, STIs and teen pregnancy in an informal way. For instance, by distributing information and condoms in places with a lot of young people. We also organise social activities and training courses, advertise opportunities such as internships and jobs, and give young people a voice through our radio station and YouTube channel. We work for young people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Portugal. These youngsters suffer a lot of discrimination, and do not always have access to proper education, housing and healthcare. On the more political side, we participate in decision making processes concerning young people as well.”


EYP: Bué Fixe means “very cool”, why did you choose this name for your organisation?
DA: “In 2005 I moved from my home country São Tomé and Principe (the second smallest country in Africa) to Portugal, and brought this project of raising awareness for HIV/AIDS among young people along with me. We started the project by publishing a magazine to inform and educate young people, and we asked the youngsters which name we should choose. They proposed “bué fixe”. In Portuguese-speaking African countries this is common language and youngsters use bué fixe a lot. It therefore resonates and connects well with our target group.”


EYP: What is the importance of your organisation in Portugal?
DA: “Ever since our establishment, we grew a lot. We became an important partner for decision makers, in terms of social programs and policies for young people. We also participated in a lot of international events focussing on youngsters. It is very important that we are here. Our target group is vulnerable and suffers a lot of discrimination, encounters criminality and drug problems, and sometimes experience a lack of proper housing and education. It’s important that our organisation operates in Portugal and that we work with young people for young people.”


EYP: What achievement of your organisation are you most proud of?
DA: “We are very proud that we continue to survive, even though we have to work with a lack of financial resources. Luckily we have a lot of young volunteers, plus a strong motivation and engagement to help people and be useful to our society.  We also need to ensure we receive recognition, for instance by being awarded “Best Practice” at the Youth Report of the United Nations in 2013. Lastly, we are proud to be part of a lot of local, national and international networks. We work with a lot of media partners as well. Together it gives us a lot of credibility and visibility.”


EYP: How do Bué Fixe and European Youth Press benefit from their collaboration?
DA: “We are very proud and happy to be a member of the EYP network. Working with EYP gives us the opportunity to learn more about running a youth network, how to use media tools, and EYP helps us with fundraising applications. In return we share our best practice, and connect Portuguese youngsters as participants for EYP events. Both organisations benefit!”


EYP: What are the future plans for Bué Fixe?
DA: “Well, good question! Currently, we are working with a consultant to create a new strategic plan for the next four years. We want to become a more professional organisation, so we need to focus on fundraising, resource management and gaining more credibility. We also hope to improve engagement between the two continents of Africa and Europe.”


For news and opportunities with Bué Fixe, please keep an eye on our website.