Call for stories on the migration and the refugee crisis in the EU

Deadline: 12 March


HackPack and Octorank are organizing a journalism competition focused on text stories published in English and German in 2016 about migration, immigration and the refugee crisis. Stories must have an EU connection.


Submit your best text story from 2016 on migration or the refugee crisis in the EU. Then evaluate five other stories. The best german and english stories win cash prizes and promotion!



✓ There will  be a one-week evaluation period and winners will be announced after March 19.

✓  This competition is peer evaluated by participants, supported by the technology of Octorank. In order to win, applicants must evaluate at least 5 other submissions.

✓  Each applicant can only apply with one story.

✓  There are no submission fees.



For more information and to apply, visit the official website.


About us

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Octorank is a new awards platform that uses peer rating, data analysis and algorithms to guarantee speed and high quality for evaluating awards.