Call for participants for UNLEASH event

UNLEASH is the largest gathering of young talent in the world. A festival and conference fusion with talks, shows and plenty of networking to applaud all the talent of this young generation.


A three-day event that will begin the coming 20th of September in Circo Price, Madrid, with over 500 young people under 26 years old coming from over 100 different countries in the world.


The attendees will find inspiration after hearing 12 young influential people give speeches from different sectors and corners of our planet. Their talks will prove that age is not a limit, thus passion and motivation are the main driving forces for achieving success.


Participants will be able to engage and enjoy different shows from artists of this generation. Besides, there will be an innovation and networking space where attendees will interact with these people ́s amazing experiences live first-hand.


Finally, the Unleash speakers who have been singled out as role models for their generation will be rewarded with the Pangea Awards. Such award is the recognition of bravery for having fought to make their dreams come true.


UNLEASH takes place from 20-22 September 2017, in Madrid.


To apply for the event, go to the registration form. For more information, visit the official website.