Call for participants to the “Media in Conflicts Seminar” (MICS 2013)

The “Media in Conflicts Seminar” (MICS) is an academic and professional journalist seminar held in Israel. MICS exposes future media leaders to the fascinating world of conflict journalism. During the seminar participants will develop skills to deal with the challenges of media in conflicts, create a priceless professional network and experience the world’s most covered conflict zone.

The European Youth Press (EYP) has been a partner of this project for the past two years.

The seminar will be held in English at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya (10 minutes from Tel Aviv) during the week of August 25th -29th , 2013

To apply to the seminar please send your CV/Resume to:

The deadline for sending your application is May 15th, 2013. After submitting your application, MICS staff will contact you within two weeks. For more information make sure to check out the seminar website at:

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to immerse yourself in the field of conflict journalism. The seminar gives you the opportunity to meet young journalists from around the world and the professional tools to excel in this field.

We are waiting to meet you in Israel at the Media in Conflicts Seminar!

So open your MICS and join tomorrow’s media leaders!