Call for journalists to cover European topics from collaborative newsroom

Deadline: 19 February 2017


Hostwriter and its Armenian partner Youth Alliance via Networking offer ten journalists the chance to cover European topics from a cross-border perspective. With elections coming up in several European countries, overcoming national bias and prejudice is crucial to serve a well informed civil society.


The Agora Project

After an application and assessment process, the program will start with a kick-off workshop in Yerevan in late March 2017, a week before Armenia holds its national elections. We will discuss the participantsā€™ story ideas and possibilities for collaborative research. There will also be sessions on debate, hate speech and polarisation in democratic societies and room to discuss the role of the media around these issues. After the workshop the participants will continue to exchange ideas and feedback and share their research through an online newsroom. The journalists will publish their pieces in their home countries.


For more information and to apply, visit theĀ official website.