Call for contributors to Are We Europe

Are We Europe is a non-profit media collective founded by and for young Europeans. What happens when you collect the voices and visions of young people from all over Europe? You catch a glimpse of a different European reality; one not as readily shown in today’s media.


Every month they pick a theme and ask their network to build the issue around that theme. In September/October the theme is: nostalgia.


Everything used to be better back in the old days, right? Do you feel nostalgic about anything, or want to comment on the concept of political nostalgia? Are We Europe is looking forward to hear YOUR nostalgic moment about a certain issue or phenomenon from the past. Think outside the box: photo series, videos, articles, podcasts, artworks, storytelling, cartoons, poetry.


They are also looking out for new contributors more generally, so if you are interested in that, please shoot them a facebook message or email and pitch your next article, photo, video or illustration.


For more information, visit the official website