Call for contributors for AWE magazine

Deadline: mid-June


Hot on the heels of our launch of the all-new AWE Magazine (if you haven’t read it yet, check out AWE #1 | Silent Revolutions here) we are preparing for the next issue, themed around Transatlanticism.


Europe ≠ America
“The Ocean Between Us”


Are Europe and the United States culturally as close as they have been? Has Netflix hijacked Europe at the expense of other forms of cultural expression? How do the lifestyles of millennials on both continents compare? What will be the impact of Brexit on the ‘special relationship’ between two longstanding Atlantic allies?And ill more protectionism lead to better European cooperation?


With cracks widening in the transatlantic alliance that has guided and underpinned the global order for the better part of a century, we ask: where is it all going?


As always, we need your reporting and writing to fill the pages (yes, printed pages!) of this next issue. We are looking for creative, well-developed pitches for reported articles and considered essays, photo series, podcasts, videos, and cartoons. And, because we believe that quality journalism doesn’t come for free, everything we accept will be paid a flat rate of €100.


Feature articles generally run around 2000 words, but if you have a story so big and so bold that you just need more than that, well then make your case to us. We’re flexible.


If you don’t have the time to dig in and go deep on a particular topic then don’t worry, there’s still a way to be involved! We want submissions of books/music/movies/tv shows for the “What we’re into” page. So pick something European or American, and in 50-100 words, tell us why it’s the hot diggity.


P.s. we’re open to all ideas, but we’re kind of sick of hearing about Trump and we know you must be too. So try to look beyond the obvious.


The deadline for pitches is going to be mid-June, so get your ideas to us as soon as you can! Pitch us your stories at: