Call for attendees for WAVES Summit

The WAVES Summit is an international event about how the Digital Era is changing the paradigm of every single sector, like energy, finance, consuming goods, etc. High directives from some of the most influencial companies in Europe are invited to be witness to a real transformation. Young global leaders will be the ones explaining how that transformation is happening.


WAVES is where today’s key players meet to envision all the changes, challenges and opportunities brought by the Digital Era. The event has been conceived as a unique experience that will bring together the experience of governments and corporations, the disruptive vision of new young generations and the knowledge of academic scholars from one of the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide, the MIT. All together, these will reveal, present and discuss the way in which the Digital Era is transforming the world and is triggering some of the greatest changes ever witnessed in society.


WAVES will be a turning point in the way we, as human beings, perceive our ability to join forces, work together and take advantage of the possibilities brought by this era. The event aims at bringing these players closer together as they enjoy change and make great things happen.  An experience with an inherently optimistic message by which every organization and individual can discover the limitless possibilities of transformation, innovation and development that are yet to be explored in the 21st century.


Where and When?

The event will take place on the 23rd of June of 2017  in the heart of Madrid, the vibrant spanish capital and will be hosted by the Auditorio Fundacion Rafael del Pino, an ever-committed and supportive institution working towards the training of tomorrow’s most promising leaders.


For more information and to register, visit the official website.