Call for applicants for travel grants

The Schwarzkopf Foundation travel grants are designed to give young people the opportunity to travel in other European countries. They aim at promoting deeper understanding of specific cultural or political aspects of European integration on the ground.


The regular travel grant: 550 €

You decide how you will spend the 550 € on your trip. You will receive 400 € at the beginning of your journey, and the other 150 € after submitting your travel report. The grant holders can decide freely which part of the travel costs will be covered by the grant. More Information on this travel grant you can find here.
In cooperation with the Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, the grant will this year especially support youth from rural areas as well as students from vocational schools, as well as trainees.


Travel grants to Greece

Together with the Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, the Schwarzkopf Foundation also grants 550 € for journeys to Greece, for people who want to get to know the country and its young people better. Call for travel grants to Greece


The InterRail Global Pass: traveling in 30 European countries

Additionally, the Schwarzkopf Foundation offers InterRail Global Passes, which young people can use to travel for one month in 30 European countries including Russia and Turkey. For more information on the InterRail Global Passes read here


What should you do while traveling?

The journey should take place in 2017 and shouldn’t start later than September. You are free to choose your own travel destination(s) but also have to book the necessary accommodations and plan the whole journey by yourself. It’s important that you are willing to produce a travel report on a question which is relevant on a European level. You should do your research on one of the following questions:

How are young people in Europe handling the current (economic/ political/refugee etc.) crises?
What is part of European identity?
How do young people participate in society?


The report can be submitted as an Instagram or Flickr photo story, a video diary, a blog series, or a written report.


How to apply

Fill in this application form. Before starting please think about a good topic for your research and also consider what kind of documentation you would like to submit (Photos, Videos, Blog etc.). The Schwarzkopf Foundation helps its grant holders to further develop their ideas for the travel reports, but still you shouldn’t underestimate this part of your application because it, together with your motivation to do the trip, are important criteria that we take into account when choosing this year’s grantees.
The Deadline is March 19, 2017, 11:59 pm.

If you have any open questions, please contact Anna Saraste at a.saraste(a)



For more information and to apply, visit the official website.